Import Letter of Credit

The bank provides L/C issuance service for the importer to make payment for goods or services. By using L/C instrument, importer can be assured that payment will only be made upon presentation documents are complied with terms and conditions of the L/C. There are 2 methods in issuing L/C :

  • Courier / Mail


  • L/C issued by UOB is well regarded and trusted both in Thailand and internationally
  • Provide prompt service in issuing L/C within 24 hours, customer can get the copy of L/C within the same day
  • Convenient and secure online service via BIB Plus


  • Provide confidence to both importer and overseas supplier since L/C is an undertaking  by the bank to make payment
  • Importer can be assured that payment with only be made upon presentation of complaint documents with terms and conditions in L/C

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