The Bank of Thailand's Rules and Regulations

Subject: Changing the threshold of ending balance for NRBA (Non-Resident Baht Account) /NRBS (Non-Resident Baht Account for security) from not exceed 300 MB to 200 MB.

Refer to the Bank of Thailand announcement notification no. For GorNgor.(21) Wor. 1035/2562 Re: Amendments to Guidelines and Practices under Measures to Prevent Baht Speculation dated 12 July 2019 effective dated 22 July 2019.

The Bank of Thailand allows NR customer to have the  outstanding balance at the end of day for NRBA (Non-Resident Baht Account) and NRBS (Non-Resident Baht Account for security) does  not exceed 200 Million Baht per NR which includes all accounts opened under all financial institutions in Thailand.