UOB Wealth Banking Savings Account

  • For UOB Wealth Banking Customer

Product Benefits

  • Receive monthly interest
  • Unlimited number of deposit – withdrawal at UOBT branches
  • Others privileges of Wealth Banking Customers, please find from Click here


  • For Wealth Banking Customers only
  • Minimum initial deposit of THB 1,000
  • Limit 1 account per customer only
  • Up-to-date interest rate and condition, please find from UOBT bank board rate announcement
  • This deposit comes under the coverage of the deposit protection scheme within limits set under the applicable statutes
  • In case of ‘Inactive Account’ more than 12 consecutive months, and the balance is lower than 5,000 Baht at month end, the Bank charges maintenance fee 100 Baht/ month per 1 account [Inactive Account is the account with no movement of deposit/ withdrawal/ transfer/ bill payment transaction, excluding system automatic transaction e.g. Auto Direct Debit, for 12 consecutive months].
  • To convert from “Inactive Account” status to “Normal” status, account owner shall be present at branch and perform withdrawal transaction from the account.
  • Additional fees apply for cross-region or cross-bank transactions; please refer to the Bank’s announcement on the Bank’s website click or at the Bank branches.

Applicant Qualification

  • For Wealth Banking Customers only
  • Minimum age for account opening is 15-years and above

Document Requirement

  • Copy of ID Card