UOB V Care Savings Account

Product Benefits

  • Free 24-hour Personal Accident Protection around the world up to THB 10,000,000 or 10 times of outstanding deposit balance before accident date
  • The depositor shall be provided a Personal Accident Insurance covering life/ permanent disability caused by accident or unexpected external cause excluding medical expense
  • Higher interest rate than normal savings and receive monthly interest
  • Flexible with unlimited deposit & withdrawal transactions as normal savings


  1. Minimum account opening balance of THB 1,000
  2. Conditions for compensation
    • Eligible account is required to have minimum outstanding balance of THB 10,000 1-day before accident date
    • Compensation 10 times of outstanding deposit balance before accident date, max up to THB 10,000,000/customer
    • For depositor aged above 70 years on the account opening date, the insurance coverage will be equivalent to 70% of sum insured, max up to THB 7,000,000
  3. Customer must provide beneficiary name on account opening form
  4. Receive monthly interest
  5. Interest and conditions are subject to bank board rate announcement
  6. This deposit comes under the coverage of the deposit protection scheme within limits set under the applicable statutes
  7. Insurance premium is equivalent to 0.15% p.a.
  8. Bank is responsible for insurance premium, depositor is assured person and has the right to provide 3rd party or himself/herself as beneficiary under insurance policy linked to UOB V Care Savings, which MSIG insurance PCL as insurance company shall be responsible on insurance protection as per conditions in policy
  9. In case that customer have more than 1 UOB V Care savings account, total insurance coverage will be counted on all eligible accounts, max coverage up to THB 10,000,000 per person
  10. In case of joint account and do have beneficiary details, every joint account owners will receive equal compensation on eligible account(s), max up to THB 10,000,000 per account
  11. To claim insurance payment, please contact UOB branch and prepare related documents (Please verified T&C and related document at branch)
  12. THB 100 per month per account if there are no transactions for more than 1 year and the outstanding balance is less than THB 5,000, effective on 25 April 2015 onwards
  13. Transactional fee is subject to each channel as per Bank Fee Table Click

Applicant Qualification

  • Individual customer aged of 15 years old or above

Document Requirement

  • Copy of ID card
Document for Claim Settlement

In the Event of Death

In the Event of Disability

  • A Completed form “loss if life benefit” along with the signature of the Beneficiary
  • Copy of Death Certificate of the Insured Person
  • Copy of House Registration of the insured Person
  • Copy of the Insured’s ID and the Beneficiary ID (incase the policy are stated as the heir, the document have been proved by the court to identify who is the heir)
  • Copy of Police Report concerning the accident (detailed circumstances of the accident and the names of any eventual witnesses)
  • Copy of Autopsy Report
  • Copy of Medical Report (incase the death during/after the treatment)
  • Other concerned documents (to be informed)
  • A Completed form “Dismemberment or Total Permanence Disabilty” along with the signature of the Beneficiary
  • Copy ID Card of the insured
  • Copy of House registration of the insured Person
  • Copy of Policy Report
  • Copy of Medical report
  • Picture of the events (if it have) and the current picture
  • Other concerned documents (to be informed)
Coverage Agreement Personal Accident Policy PA.2 & Claim Form

Coverage Agreement Personal Accident Policy PA.2

Claim Form

Contact Center
  • Information of Fixed Deposit at UOB Contact Center 0 2285 1555
  • Information of Personal Accident (PA) at MSIG Hotline 02 007 9000 or 1259