UOB Convenience Account

UOB Convenience Account

The All-In-One Account to manage your deposits with greater convenience


UOB Convenience Account consists of a savings account, a current account and a fixed deposit account. Open the savings account with only THB 1,000 and you'll enjoy automatic transfers within your UOB Convenience Account. Deposit and withdrawal on fixed account can be conducted only at the branch where the fixed account is opened. Available to individual as well as corporate customers.

  • The depositors will earn interest on a semi-annual basis.
  • Deposits and withdrawals from savings and current accounts can be made at any branch office.
  • Cash withdrawals can be made through any ATM.
  • The balance in your current account is automatically transferred into a savings account at the end of each day to earn interest.
  • An overdraft line of up to 100% of your fixed deposit amount is available.
  • When drawing cheques, funds are automatically transferred from your savings account to your current account to cover the amount drawn funds are insufficient, a pre-arranged overdraft may be used to automatically cover them.
  • Most banks charge you a fee every time you transfer your money between accounts. With UOB Convenience Account transfer charges are waived, along with your initial and annual ATM fees. You'll be satisfied with the benefits, quick and convenient services as well as the high interest rates accorded through your UOB Convenience Account.
  • UOB cheques can be cashed immediately at all branch offices nationwide.
  • Fund transfer between account is free of charge

Account Opening Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum initial deposit of THB 1,000.
  • At least 2 accounts, namely, a current account and a savings account, must be opened first.
  • A fixed deposit account, which can be opened at the same time or later, entitles you to an overdraft line equal to the fixed deposit amount, you'll receive account statements each month.
  • The deposits are under the protection of the laws regarding the Deposit Protection Agency as per the amount and conditions stipulated therein.
  • Minimum age is 20 years old.
  • A certified copy of Identification Card.

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