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Enabling Sustainable Workplace

Enabling Sustainable Workplace

Being sustainable is a way of life – how we live, work, play, learn, commute, interact and connect.

Flexible work arrangements

UOB has implemented a permanent flexible work arrangement from 1 July 2022, with staff able to work remotely two days a week. This is on top of existing employee wellness benefits such as Flexi-2 which gives staff an additional two hours off one work day every month to attend to personal matters, a choice of staggered start-work times, and reimbursements for holistic wellness-related expenses such as medical screenings, childcare and dependent care center fees, health- and fitness-related programmes, vacation expenses etc.

Work stress Management

In addition to a permanent flexible work arrangement, UOB’s annual leave provisions are highly competitive, with employees given paid leave for specific enrichment activities such as volunteering for community service and even spending time with the family, on top of their regular entitlements. Staff are also allowed to carry forward up to 14 days of unused annual leave to the next calendar year, and can even trade them for HEAL$ credits issued to employees that can be spent on a wide range of health and wellness benefits.

Job stability

UOB continues to place great emphasis on diversity and inclusivity, as outlined in our promise of doing right by our stakeholders, including customers, colleagues and the community. More than half of UOB staff are female, a strong testament to the bank’s emphasis on gender diversity. UOB is also a champion of inclusive hiring, with 28 differently abled employees currently working in Scan Hub, the bank’s nerve center for checking, digitizing and archiving of customer documents which was set up 10 years ago. Their attention to detail and high levels of concentration and accuracy have helped improve productivity and employee retention rates. During COVID-19, the bank took care of its people by rolling out various pandemic-related safety measures and welfare initiatives, with no employee laid off despite the difficult circumstances.