UOB is committed to doing right by our customers, who are at the core of our business, and creating positive experiences for them.

Keep Customers at the Centre

Customer experience

We act in their best interests and provide them with appropriate solutions and services through our omni-channel approach. We also use technology and data to create distinctive experiences for our customers that are safe, reliable and relevant.

Fair Dealing

At UOB Thailand, we have put our customers first and it is on this foundation that we developed our business and will continue to grow.

Data privacy and governance

Protecting personal data and privacy is a top priority at UOB Thailand and fundamental to how we conduct our business.

Information security

We use technology to provide a borderless, reliable and efficient service, and are committed to protecting our data and assets, including customer data, from cybersecurity threats.

Financial Inclusion

We are committed to making banking accessible and affordable, and empowering our customers through digital innovation and education.