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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Our customers are the core of our business. By actively engaging our customers and listening to their needs, we can serve them better and deepen relationships.

Creating positive experiences for our customers

In focusing on doing what is right for our customers, we act in their best interests and provide them with appropriate solutions and services through our omni-channel approach. We also use technology and data to create distinctive experiences for our customers that are safe, reliable and relevant.

Ensuring customer satisfaction

Through the Voice of Customer (VOC) programmes and online Insight Community, we drive VOC activities, manage customer insights and testing to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have crossfunctional teams in place to develop, to refine and to implement improvement initiatives using the consolidated customer insights drawn from internal and external sources.

Our continuous improvement is also guided by the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSS), which are tracked throughout the year. Through findings from our external consultants, we are able to obtain an independent gauge of the level of satisfaction among our customers as well as their changing needs. We use information and insight from these sources to enhance the customer experience and to develop products and services that enable us to serve our customers better.

Our Customer Experience and Advocacy (CEA) function monitors key performance indicators and metrics relating to customer experience at both the strategic and operational level. Regular updates are presented to the senior management as well as relevant committees such as Brand and Service Committee, the Operational Risk Management Committee, Market Conduct Committee and the Board Risk Management Committee. These updates relate to customers’ feedback and voices for Retail, Wholesale Banking and Global Markets, Contact Centre and our branches, as well as customer complaint indicators and end-to-end service measures.

Innovative Digital Banking Product

UOB TMRW, an all-in-one digital banking platform built around the customer

We integrated UOB Mighty and TMRW applications into one digital banking platform, named UOB TMRW, to digitally serve and engage the Bank’s growing customer base in Thailand. By combining the innovation of ASEAN’s first mobile-only bank, TMRW, with the scale and product depth of the Bank’s mobile app UOB Mighty, UOB TMRW utilises the latest technology and customers’ feedback to make banking more seamless, simpler and personalised.