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Fair Dealing

Fair Dealing

At UOB Thailand, we have put our customers first and it is on this foundation that we developed our business and will continue to grow.

Treating customers fairy

Fair Dealing is at the heart of every decision and recommendation that we make. This is achieved through conscious and concerted efforts across our entire franchise.

The principles of Fair Dealing reflect UOB’s own values and are not bound by business or geography. Treating customers fairly is UOB Thailand’s way of working. Our value of Honour underpins our commitment to delivering the five Fair Dealing outcomes as set out in the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS).

From the boardroom to the branch, we put our customers and their financial goals first

Offering products and services that are suitable for them

Dealing with feedback in an independent, effective and prompt manner

Providing clear, relevant and timely information so that customers can make informed financial decisions

Ensuring our employees give quality advice and appropriate recommendations