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Talent Development and Inclusion

Talent Development and Inclusion

We are dedicated to empowering our colleagues by building an inclusive organisation and providing them with professional development opportunities.

Talent development

UOB Thailand is committed to developing a transformative workforce that is customer service-driven and can easily adapt to changes in the digital banking industry. Our strategy involves attracting highly skilled talent whose values align with that of our organisation while also upskilling our existing workforce so all our colleagues can find meaning, value and purpose at UOB Thailand.

Commitment to fairness

UOB Thailand believes in creating an inclusive workplace for all our colleagues. We are committedto building a professional environment that allows everyone an equal opportunity to flourish and develop within the organisation. Assessments of employee development are based on performance objectives established by colleagues and their line managers. 

Our expectations of our people are laid out in the UOB Code of Conduct. The code is periodically updated to stay relevant with the times and to address regulatory requirements and policy changes.

Upon joining UOB Thailand, all colleagues are educated about their obligations and rights under our Code of Conduct. All colleagues are required to refresh their knowledge and renew their pledge to adhere to the code on an annual basis. We also assist in deepening employee understanding and embedding the practice of following the code with consistent communications throughout the year using a variety of channels.

Human rights adherence

The Bank is committed to supporting internationally International Labour Organisation (ILO) which is the only tripartite U.N. agency accepted human rights principles , including practices relating to non-discrimination, child labour, freedom of association and collective bargaining.

Managing employee performance

UOB Thailand fosters a performance work culture driven by a performance management framework known as Plan, Engage, Appraise and Keep Track (PEAK). This framework comprises of four stages: Plan, Engage, Appraise and Keep Track. The framework also includes a component that reflects the importance of upholding our UOB values of Honour, Enterprise, Unity and Commitment and SEED competency framework by position level into our employees' work performance.

Our colleagues use the PEAK framework to establish their business and personal development goals at the start of each year in consultation with their line mangers. Performance Improvement Plans are developed for colleagues in need of additional guidance to perform their job responsibilities. Additionally, line managers meet with their team members individually throughout the year to review their work progress and personal well-being. At the end of the year, colleagues are accessed on their performance based on their performance objectives and development plans.

In addition to PEAK evaluation, our Performance and Development Council (PDC) meet on an annual basis to discuss the performance and development needs of key identified talents. These meetings are conducted by selected senior management and include discussions on final performance rating, potential promotion and development recommendations.

Another tool used to assess work performance is our 360-degree feedback evaluations. These evaluations are completed by direct reports of line managers, peers and stakeholders, and are a valuable resource in the performance assessment process of management.

Leadership development and succession planning

UOB Thailand is aware that the future success of the organisation requires identifying potential future leaders within the bank and equipping with strong development training. These objectives are driven by our PDC, which is chaired by our Country CEO. The PDC identifies key talents and equips them with leadership development opportunities. The PDC also provides talents with coaching to give them a clear career trajectory at UOB Thailand.

To ensure smooth business operations and solid leadership for UOB Thailand moving forward, the Bank has established succession plans for key leadership positions across the organisation. Successors are identified with the assistance of respective Country Function Heads. Identified successors are provided opportunities in various working roles to widen their knowledge and understanding of the interworking of the Bank.  

Developing young talent

The UOB Management Associate Programme is aimed at developing young talent to take on leadership roles within the organisation. The 18-month programme involves a rigorous recruitment and selection process to attract high-quality candidates. The programme includes rotations across various functions of the bank, allowing MAs to gain technical skills and knowledge. MAs are also assigned regional projects to work with senior management and gain insight into the organisation. Only three out of more than 1,800 applicants were accepted into the programme in 2022.

Developing our people for today and beyond

UOB Thailand offers an array of training and development programmes that aim to provide employees with the right skills to best serve customers and to excel at their careers.

Examples of these offerings includes:

  • Knowledge Station MyUOB offers a learning centre that includes features and content designed to engage colleagues in self-learning.
  • Wholesale Banking Academy Moody's Analytics, in consultation with Wholesale Banking, has developed courses on Corporate Credit and Credit Risk. Courses on Corporate Credit and Credit Risk developed by Moody's Analytics in consultation with Wholesale Banking.
  • Business Banking Academy The programme involves both virtual and on-site courses on Industry Growth & Customer Management, Industry Analysis & Risk Mitigation, and Customer Insights and Acquisition.
  • LEAD Programme The upskilling programme was launched to prepare branch leaders for the branch transformation plan.
  • Better U UOB Thailand has implemented Better U, a UOB groupwide programme for upgrading colleagues' digital skills.

Making UOB #Better As part of the #better campaign, since 2019, UOB Thailand has proactively engaged with colleagues to create programmes aimed at making the Bank a more attractive workplace. The campaign comprises three initiatives: #better workplace, #better workforce, and #better work life. Colleagues are encouraged to propose #better initiatives for their teams and functions, which are then shared with all colleagues. The most popular actions are determined through the #better battle campaign, where colleagues can vote for their favourite initiatives.

Diversity and inclusion

We believe the rich diversity in culture and personality amongst our people creates a workplace that fosters innovate ideas and positive collaboration. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace are a key element for the Bank to maintain sustainable growth as well as attract, retain and develop talent. 

UOB Thailand is an equal opportunity employer. We aim to attract and to retain professionals of principle with the passion and commitment to doing what is always right. Our Recruitment Policy guides our hiring process and decisions. Under the policy, we practice non-discriminatory hiring. All hiring decisions are based on everyone's merit and suitability for the role.

The UOB Thailand Code of Conduct prohibits any kind of discrimination, bullying or harassment, whether based on a person’s race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, colour, creed, religion, national origin, nationality, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, culture, ancestry, veteran status, socio-economic status or any other legally-protected characteristic. All employment decisions at UOB Thailand are based on business needs, job requirements and qualifications. Employees are encouraged to raise their concerns without fear of reprisal through the Group’s whistle-blowing mechanism.