Anti - fraud

At UOB Thailand, we take a proactive stance in managing fraud risks. There is a governance framework and security measures in place to address risks across our internet banking, mobile banking and branch channels.

Preventing fraud


The Integrated Fraud Management (IFM) unit was established in 2017 to enhance the Bank’s management of fraud risk across geographies and to drive collaboration across functions for a more integrated anti-fraud approach. All First Line business and support units receive structured training on fraud awareness to strengthen capabilities in detecting internal and external fraud. We have in place a Fraud Risk Management Framework and a Fraud Risk Management Policy. The corporate governance oversight of fraud risk is provided by the Board Risk Oversight Committee at the Board level, and primarily by the Risk and Capital Committee at the management level.


We have implemented internal fraud monitoring measures in frontline functions to prevent fraud and we enhance our services continually as fraud trends evolve. We also invest continually in our fraud monitoring and detection systems. Fraud risks are also assessed as part of our Key Risk Control Self-Assessment (KRCSA) annual exercise which applies across the Bank.

Zero tolerance policy

UOB Thailand has a zero-tolerance policy to internal fraud and to breaches of the UOB Code of Conduct. All employees are informed that the Bank will not hesitate to investigate and to report incidents of internal fraud to the appropriate authorities.

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