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Sustainable Investment Product Solutions

Sustainable Investment Product Solutions

To support sustainable development, we fine tune capital to businesses aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The integration of ESG considerations into our investment process across all asset classes contributes to enhanced performance as it enables us to identify companies which are resilient, well-managed, able to grow sustainably and are likely to maintain their competitiveness in the long term.

By doing so, we offer quality investment solutions to help our clients invest for profit and purpose, as we manage their wealth successfully, responsibly, and sustainably.

Unit trusts

We offer professionally-managed ESG-focused unit trusts to our customers, enabling them to invest in companies that are committed to achieving financial and ESG performance. In the selection of ESG funds, we take into consideration:

  • the fund manager’s expertise in managing ESG portfolios;
  • the incorporation of ESG factors in the fund’s investment process; and
  • the ability of the fund manager to perform well against its benchmark and peers.

The unit trusts we offer includes both bonds, multi-assets, and equities. They include:

  • United Sustainable Equity Solution (USUS)
  • United Sustainable Credit Income Fund (USI)
  • United Sustainable Thematic Select Fund (UST)
  • SCB Global Clean Energy (SCBCLEAN)
  • KTAM Global Climate Change Equity Fund (Class A) (KT-CLIMATE)
  • K Positive Change Equity Fund-A(A) (K-CHANGE)
  • Krungsri Equity Sustainable Global Growth Fund
  • BGF Sustainable Energy Fund A2 USD
  • AB Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio A Acc USD
  • Schroder ISF Global Climate Change Equity USD A Acc