Facility and Collateral

  • Maximum facility limit of 40 Million Baht
  • Core asset is collateral requirement
  • Maximum tenure for 30 years
  • LTV is up to 100% of collateral market value
  • Facility
    • Long term loan (Commercial loan)
    • Overdraft, Promissory note

Remark: All commercial loans, lines of credit, and collateral requirement are subject to satisfaction of credit approval.

Features and Eligibility

  • Individual or Juristic registered in Thailand with annual revenues generally ranging no more than 240 Million baht.
  • Never been NPL or restructuring in the past 3 years.
  • Have been in the industry for 3 or more years.
  • Audited financial statement with 3 year consecutive profit and net worth (Juristic) in latest year.

Remark: Current interest rate is per bank's announcement and Bank reserves the right to change the conditions without making prior notice.


Required Documents
- Copy of Identity cards, House registration, /Name or Surname Changed form / Marriage registration form
- Certificate of Business Objective / Shareholders
- Certificate of Business Registration  
- Bank Statement in the past 6 months
- Credit bureau consent
- Copy of legal estate/mortgage

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