ATS Services

  • This service provides transferring of funds to or debit accounts , involving a high volume of transactions via the UOB’s own electronics systems.

    It will allow our customers to reduce the volume of work and data preparation by sending the information on collection and payment to the Bank, thereby reducing multiple transactions to just one single transaction.


To cope with the increasing demands for faster service, ATS is offered to streamline your collection and payment process. ATS is attractive to companies, whose customer's (seller and buyer) maintain accounts with UOB.Your detail are sent online instructing transactions are to be handled, with the direct debit / direct credit features at UOB. Detail advice and information is then returned via online, in a data file.


  • Simplify your accounting process and improve productivity: UOB will perform the full cycle of the collection and payment procedures automatically, which minimize collection time spent by your bill collector or messenger.
  • Less administrative work: easy to reconcile through data file upload, directly moved to your accounting system.
  • Minimize risk and gain efficiency: secure funds and convenience in managing funds. Payment on stocks is done on the same day as traded.

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Cash Management Division
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