Cash Pak

  • CashPak is a way to simplify cash payments for salary/wages to workers or contractors.



Outsource all cash payments using UOB's CashPak Service for salary/wages. Detail instructions are sent to UOB where Bank notes and coins will be counted and packed in a special designed envelope to be distributed to the workers/contractors


  • Eliminate Unproductive Workload: Counting bank notes and coins can be very time consuming, especially when packing in an envelope particular for each employee. By outsourcing this task, your Human Resource Department can then concentrate more on the company's employee related work.
  • Minimize the Company's Risk: Carrying large amounts of money to pay the workers/contractors is very risky and can be avoided through UOB's CashPak service.

How to contact

Cash Management Customer Service :

Tel. 0-2343-4848
Fax. 0-2285-1746

Cash Management Division
United Overseas Bank (Thai) Public Company Limited.
191 South Sathon Road, Yanawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120