Electronic Settlement Services

  • Business to Business e-Commerce is an internet-based exchange that facilitates trade and settlement between buyers and sellers,
    allows companies to conduct sourcing, marketing,  sales, order transactions and offers more on-line activities over the Internet. UOB provides the best e-Settlement Services which are Direct Debit Online and e-Bill Presentment / Payment (eBPP).


The features of Direct Debit Online

Direct Debit Online is the service solution for the purpose of domestic financial settlement over the web. This service could support B2B or B2C online business, as an internet-based exchange that facilitates trade and settlement between buyers and sellers by using our Online Direct debit payment gateway. An online and real time payment confirmation included all require details of each payment, which can be easily used for credit control and reconciliation.

  • Your web-site will link up UOB payment gateway on-line.
  • Real-time settlement from dealers to company’s account.
  • On-line balance enquiry from UOB CyberBanking.
  • Advance security features such as Firewall, SSL 128 bits, Authentication and special internal security system.
  • Business workflow and technical support from UOB
  • On-line data reconciliation and payment history enquiry.


The features of Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (eBPP)

UOB e-Bill+ is the new way to make the transactions between Biller (Supplier) and Payer(Dealer). The system allow Biller to post invoices for payer. On the other hand, Payer can view invoice detail and confirm the payment through internet with the solution to reconcile the statement at the end of the day. UOB e-Bill+ guarantee the safe way to make a payment online real time.

  • Single log-on for multiple settlements with suppliers.
  • Display total invoices of each supplier.
  • Level of approval: Vouchers and Payment Transfer
  • Real-time settlement from dealers to company's account.
  • Advance security features with Firewall, SSL 128 bits, Authenticate.
  • On-line data reconciliation and payment enquiry or payment report generation.

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How can a company apply for Electronic Settlement
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