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  • UOB Cash to Home

    Special Promotion Rate !!!
    (Apply from 17th  June 2019 to 31st October 2019 and must register mortgage within 30th November 2019)

Type 1: Float Rate


Interest Rate (per annum)




Month 1st 

MRR – 4.00%

MRR – 3.85%

Year 2nd - 3rd

MRR – 1.75%

MRR – 1.60%


MRR – 1.25%

MRR – 1.25%

Average 3 years



Effective rate**

6.21% 6.27%

Interest rate for Overdraft (OD) is MOR

AS of May 31st, 2019   Minimum Retail rate (MRR) is 8.00% per annum, Minimum Overdraft Rate (MOR) is 7.70% per annum and subject to change from time to time in accordance with Bank of Thailand's policy.

Remark :

*Condition for the interest rate of MRTA option : 

The applicant Must do Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) as follow : 

  • MRTA sum insured equivalent to Home Loan  with insurance coverage at least 10 years OR
  • MRTA sum insured at least 80% of Home Loan with insurance coverage the whole loan tenor

**Interest rate for THB 1,000,000 loan with loan tenor of 15 years and MRR = 8.00%. Such effective interest rate above is just a sample calculation for this advertising only. Effective interest will be different for each customer depending on their term and conditions.